usa digital control inc usa durakit shelters inc

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Unformatted text preview: A Digital Control Inc., USA Durakit Shelters Inc. Hassan Steel Inc. Imperial Oil IPEX Inc. OTRC, USA. Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 9 Partnership with Industry and Non-academic Organizations Government Agencies Alberta Transportation and Utilities Canada Foundation for Innovation Industry Research Assistance Program Manitoba Hydro Materials Manufacturing Ontario Ministry of Transportation Ontario National Research Council Canada Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Materials Manufacturing Ontario arch Council Canada 21 November 2012 Consultants AECOM Dillon Consulting Ltd. Golder Associates Stantec Inc. UMA Engineering Ltd. Strik, Baldinelli & Associates Development Engineering Hastings and Aziz Ltd. Van Boxmeer and Stranges Ltd. Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 10 Careers in Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Wind Engineering Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Municipal Engineering Transportation Engineering 21 November 2012 Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 11 Civil Engineering: Design of Structures 21 November 2012 Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 12 Mission Create structures that are: Strong (safe) Functional Durable Economical Pleasing 21 November 2012 Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 13 Structural Engineering • Strength • Utility • Grace Dr. James G. MacGregor, P. Eng...
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