Civil Engineering I

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Unformatted text preview: gineering 4 Why Civil Engineering? • • • • A strong program to prepare you face new challenges of the new millennium Professors who care about you and your education A broad range of job opportunities A rewarding and enjoyable career that protects the environment and meets the needs of society 21 November 2012 Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 5 Civil Engineering Options Structural Engineering Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering with International Development Environmental Engineering with International Development Common 2nd Year 21 November 2012 Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 6 Civil EngineeringPlus Programs Civil Engineering with Medicine Civil Engineering with Business Civil Engineering with Law Civil Engineering with Environmental Science Civil Engineering with Computer Science 21 November 2012 Explore Civil & Environmental Engineering 7 Emerging Opportunities for Civil Engineers 1. Air, Water and Soil Pollution How can we reduce pollut...
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