Slaughter-House Five

Slaughter-House Five - Living everyday life brings you to...

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Living everyday life brings you to make many decisions that will affect you in every aspect of your life. Many people say they make some decisions that they make because of pressure applied to them from their peers. Meaning who ever is making the decision is not doing it for themselves, but for others, because they believe it will make them happy. I do not believe this, I believe that every decision that a person makes it based off their free will. The only reason decisions are not made off of a persons free will is when the decision is made for the person or forced upon them, which would mean that the person is being forced to do things that are against their free will. The definition of “free will” is the power of making free choices that are unconstrained by external circumstances or by an agency such as fate or divine will. In the book Slaughter-House Five , there are many instances where the idea of “free will” is being presented. Not only is it presented many times, it is also seen or understood in a couple of character’s own feelings. I believe that Kurt Vonnegut uses the Tralafmadorian characters to determine the whether or not “free will” exists in a philosophical way. In many ways it is seen when reading the book that many different people affect Billy Pilgrim’s “free will,” and it is easy to see how it affects his life. The two perspectives of the Tralafmadorians and Billy Pilgrim are different because the Tralafmadorian’s believe there is no such thing as “free will” and Billy Pilgrim believes there is such a thing as “free will”. Kurt Vonnegut utilizes the Tralfamadorian’s to determine whether or not “free will” exists in a philosophical way. The Tralfamadorian’s are green aliens that are shaped like toilet-plungers with a skinny shaft with a hand on the top with one eyeball. They do not think like human beings, they see things in the fourth dimension, which as they would say, containing all the moments of time that keep happening over and over
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again simultaneously. This means that everything that has happened recently, has already
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Slaughter-House Five - Living everyday life brings you to...

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