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Construct a greedy algorithm to schedule as many as

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Unformatted text preview: using the fewest coins possible has —༉  at most 2 dimes (2×10c), 1 nickel (1×5c), 4 pennies (4×1c), —༉  cannot have 2 dimes and a nickel (2×10c + 5c), and —༉  total amount of change in dimes, nickels, pennies must not exceed 24c. Proof: by contradiction —༉  —༉  —༉  If we had 3 dimes, we could replace them with a quarter and a nickel. If we had 2 nickels, we could replace them with 1 dime. If we had 5 pennies, we could replace them with a nickel (5c). —༉  If we had 2 dimes and 1 nickel, we could replace them with a quarter. —༉  The allowable combinations, have a maximum value of 24 cents. Otherwise, we could replace them with a quarter. Proving Op$mality for US Coins Theorem: the greedy change- making algorithm for US coins produces change using the fewest coins possible. Proof: by contradiction. 1.  A...
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