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If they are equal return the position 1 if not try a2

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Unformatted text preview: e algorithm in pseudocode: procedure max (a1, a2, …., an: integers) max := a1 for i := 2 to n if max < ai then max := ai return max —༉  This algorithm returns the largest element in the set. Some Example Algorithm Problems —༉  Three classes of problems will be studied in this section. 1. Searching Problems: finding the position of a particular element in a list. 2.  Sorting problems: putting the elements of a list into an increasing order. 3.  Optimization Problems: determining the optimal value of a particular quantity over all possible inputs. —༉  Optimal value means maximum or minimum Linear Search Algorithm —༉  It locates an item in a list by examining elements in the list one at a time: —༉  First compare x with a1. If they are equal, return the position 1. —༉  If not, try a2. If x = a2, return the position 2. —༉  Keep going, if no match is found when the entire list is scanned, return 0. procedure linear search (x: integer, a1, a2, …,an: distinct integers) i := 1 whi...
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