Specifying algorithms algorithms can be specied in

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Unformatted text preview: rger than the temp max, set the temp max equal to this integer. Repeat the previous step if there are more integers. If not, stop. When the algorithm terminates, the temporary maximum is the largest integer in the sequence. Specifying Algorithms —༉  Algorithms can be specified in different ways. Their steps can be described in English or in pseudocode. —༉  —༉  —༉  —༉  Pseudocode is an intermediate step between an English description of the steps and a coding of these steps using a programming language. Pseudocode uses some of the structures found in popular languages such as C++ and Java. Programmers usually use pseudocode to construct a program in a particular language. Pseudocode helps us analyze the time required to solve a problem using an algorithm, indepen...
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