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Logic circuits electronic circuits each inputoutput

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Unformatted text preview: . Logic Puzzles —༉  An island has two kinds of inhabitants, knights, who always tell the truth, and knaves, who always lie. —༉  You go to the island and meet A and B. —༉  A says “B is a knight.” —༉  B says “The two of us are of opposite types.” Example: What are the types of A and B? Solution: Let p and q be the statements that A is a knight and B is a knight, respectively. So, then ¬ p represents the proposition that A is a knave and ¬ q that B is a knave. —༉  If A is a knight, then p is true. Since knights tell the truth, q must also be true. This is a contradiction. —༉  If A is a knave, then B must not be a knight since knaves always lie. So, then both ¬ p and ¬ q hold since both are knaves. Logic Circuits —༉  Electronic circuits; each input/output signal can be viewed as a 0 or 1. —༉  0 represents False and 1 represents True —༉  Complicated circuits are constructed from three basic circuits called gates. —༉  The inverter (NOT...
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