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The statement px is said to be the value of the

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Unformatted text preview: tain variables and a predicate, e.g., P(x). —༉  Variables can be replaced by elements from their domain. Proposi$onal Func$ons —༉  Propositional functions become propositions (and have truth values) when their variables are each replaced by a value from the domain. —༉  The statement P(x) is said to be the value of the propositional function P at x. —༉  For example, let P(x) denote “x > 0” and the domain be the integers. Then: P(- 3) is false. P(0) is false. P(3) is true. Examples of Proposi$onal Func$ons —༉  Let “x + y = z” be denoted by R(x, y, z) and domain (for all three variables) be the integers. Find these truth values: R(2,- 1,5) Solution: F R(3,4,7) Solution: T R(x, 3, z) Solution: Not a Proposition —༉  Now let “x - y...
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