And q denotes ill stay at home then p q denotes if it

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Unformatted text preview: nts who have taken CS202 or Math120 may take this class,” we assume that students need to have taken one of the prerequisites, but may have taken both. This is the meaning of disjunction. For p ∨q to be true, either one or both of p and q must be true. —༉  “Exclusive Or” - When reading the sentence “Soup or salad comes with this entrée,” we do not expect to be able to get both soup and salad. This is the meaning of Exclusive Or (Xor). In p ⊕ q , one of p and q must be true, but not both. The truth table for ⊕ is: p q p ⊕q T T F T F T F T T F F F Implica$on —༉  If p and q are propositio...
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