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5 Chapter 04 Cold War water

Sdeclinein1970s usdeclinein1970s

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Unformatted text preview: e Crisis, October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962 • Soviet nuclear missiles detected by U.S. • Crisis was the most acute of the Cold War – US instituted a ‘quarantine” (blockade) – USSR agrees to withdraw missiles in exchange for ‘face­saving’ U.S. concessions Cuban Missile Crisis Cuban Missile Crisis The Vietnam War The Vietnam War • In 1961 ­ 16,000 US military advisors in South Vietnam • In 1968 more than 500,000 US soldiers in South Vietnam • Viet Cong and then North Vietnamese suffer huge losses but do not give up ­ win in 1975 Images of the Vietnam War Images of the Vietnam War Summary execution of Viet Cong VC Tet Offensive Saigon 1968 US Evacuation 1973 U.S. ‘decline’ in 1970s U.S. ‘decline’ in 1970s • Growth of economies of Europe and Japan • 1973, US abandons gold standard • International economics more multilateral Detente Detente • 1973 US recognizes China • Nixon and Kissinger also sought to improve U.S.­Soviet relations (realists being liberal?) • Moscow Summit ­ 1972 – Arms limitations – Economic and trade agreements The End of Detente The End of Detente • Carter emphasizes human rights, 3rd world • Soviets invade Afghanistan in 1978 • Reagan begins US buildup in 1981 The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1978 Reagan Doctrine Reagan Doctrine • Labels USSR the "evil empire” • U.S. aid to anticommunists in 3rd World Angola, Cambodia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua • Strategic Defense Initiative – “Star Wars” – Warfare now at cyber level The Reagan Doctrine in Action The Reagan Doctrine in Action Mujahedin Afghanistan Contras Nicaragua The End of the USSR The End of the USSR • Gorbachev in 1980s starts policies of – glasnost (openness) – perestroika (economic restructuring) • Yeltsin defeats coup attempt by hard­line communists in • Disintegration of USSR by end of 1991 Reykjavik Summit, 1986 Reykjavik Summit, 1986 Fall of the Berlin Wall Fall of the Berlin Wall Why Did the Cold War End?...
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