5 Chapter 04 Cold War water


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Unformatted text preview: de 1948/9 Berlin Blockade 1948/9 NATO and the Warsaw Pact NATO and the Warsaw Pact (A Realist episode) • Creation of NATO in April 1949 • Creation of Warsaw Pact in 1954 • • Cold War in Europe ‘set in concrete’ Europe Divides Europe Divides East Asia and Anti­colonialism East Asia and Anti­colonialism Transformation of the World Transformation of the World Economy (Liberal scenario) • The United States emerged as hegemon – – Only industrial economy undamaged by war • The Bretton Woods system (1945) – IMF and World Bank – GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) – US dollar global currency Chinese Revolution 1937­49 Chinese Revolution 1937­49 • US supports Nationalists of Chiang Kai­shek • Chinese Communists of Mao Zedong win • The Nationalists retreat to Taiwan The East is Red The East is Red The Korean War, 1950­53 The Korean War, 1950­53 • 1st armed clash in Cold War • 1st UN Security Council authorized use of force • Stalemate and armistice in 1953 Chaos in Korea, 1950­53 Chaos in Korea, 1950­53 The “Third World” The “Third World” • States courted by both sides • Non­aligned movement begins in 1954 • US engineers coups of unfriendly regimes • USSR supports “Wars of National Liberation” • Proxy wars, especially in Mid­east Berlin Wall, 1961 Berlin Wall, 1961 Cuban Missil...
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