7 Chapter 06-PostColdWar water


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Unformatted text preview: and religious animosity • Nuclear weapons on both sides Disputed Kashmir Disputed Kashmir Regional and Internal Conflicts: Regional and Internal Conflicts: East Asia • Korean Peninsula – North Korea – 4th largest army – Nuclear weapons – Six power talks • China and Taiwan – Increased trade – “one government, two systems” – China’s military modernization North Korea’s North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions Chinese­Taiwan Tensions Chinese­Taiwan Tensions PRC fires Missiles during 1996 Elections to intimidate pro­ independence forces Collective Security Failures Collective Security Failures • Dissolution of Yugoslavia – UN intervention in Bosnia fails – US­led NATO forces bring peace (1995) – NATO intervention in Kosovo (1999) • Somalia – U.S.­led humanitarian force ends in disaster (crossing the Mogadishu line) Yugoslavia – before and after Yugoslavia – before and after An Ethnic Map of Yugoslavia An Ethnic Map of Yugoslavia Somalia – the “failed state” Somalia – the “failed sta...
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