7 Chapter 06-PostColdWar water

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Unformatted text preview: te” The Victims The Victims (Prize winning news photo ­ Starving child stalked by vulture, 1991) Rescue mission gone bad Rescue mission gone bad ( body of slain US special forces soldiers, Somalia 1993) Collective Security and Genocide Collective Security and Genocide • Rwanda – Hutu government incited mobs to slaughter Tutsis and moderate Hutus – The Rwanda Patriotic Front and Paul Kagame liberate country – but 800,00 killed • Darfur (Sudan) – Sudanese government and ethnic militia – Systematic campaign of “ethnic cleansing” to crush rebel forces – Actions of the African Union and the UN Map of Rwanda, Burundi and Map of Rwanda, Burundi and Neighbors 2011 Sudan Map Sudan Map 2012 Limitations of Collective Limitations of Collective Security • The “free­rider” problem – Assumption that others will take action – Example: former Yugoslavia • National Sovereignty ...
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