7 Chapter 06-PostColdWar water

Warwithhezbollahinlebanon osloaccords osloaccords

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Unformatted text preview: 97; 1998­2003, Sudan 1991­2001, (Darfur) 2003­present Europe: – Bosnia 1995, Kosovo 1999 East Asia – North Korea 1994, 2001 to present – Taiwan Straits 1995 Middle East – Arab­Israeli conflicts, Iraq Wars 1991, 2003 South Asia – India­ Pakistan over Kashmir, Afghanistan 2001, Sri Lanka Regional and Internal Conflicts: Regional and Internal Conflicts: The Middle East • Iraq and Iran • Arab­Israeli Peace Process – Oslo Accords – Extremists, rockets and settlements – The “Road Map” for peace – Israel’s disengagement from Gaza – Hamas versus Fatah and the takeover of Gaza – War with Hezbollah in Lebanon Oslo Accords Oslo Accords (Rabin, Clinton, Arafat) Hamas wins Elections in 2006 Hamas wins Elections in 2006 Sets up in opposition to Fatah Street fights between Hamas Street fights between Hamas and Fatah (PLO) Regional and Internal Conflicts: Regional and Internal Conflicts: South Asia • India and Pakistan conflict dominates the region – Colonial legacy – Kashmir – Ethnic...
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