11 Chapter 09-Trade water

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Unformatted text preview: e in wealth (Growth in Chinese per Capita wealth; Shanghai Skyline 2006) But there is a Problem of Standards But there is a Problem of Standards in developing countries And deindustrialization in And deindustrialization in developed ones (Source: Birmingham News, 2007) Forms of Protectionism Forms of Protectionism • Domestic level – Tariffs (eg. Smoot­Hawley 1936) – Quotas (often tacit) – NTBs (Non­ tariff Barriers) – eg. ‘health’ or ‘safety’ standards • International Level – Formation of Trading Blocs IR Theory and International Trade IR Theory and International Trade • Neo­liberals – trade is always good • Realists – trade must serve state’s interest • Social­Protectionist – trade must be subordinated to social well­being • Constructivists – trade reflects discourse on State­Market relations Trade – Neoliberal Position Trade – Neoliberal Position (dominant current thinking) • All states that have grown engage i...
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