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9 Chapter 08-Contemp Security water - Copy

Contemporaryterrorismaroundtheworld noregionisimmune

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Unformatted text preview: lear Program 1993 Terrorism Terrorism • Common elements – – – Use of dramatic violence to coerce Targeted at noncombatants Not usually authorized by a legitimate authority • Ancient phenomenon • Contemporary Terrorism around the World – – – No region is immune Easier transportation and communications Lethality in smaller packages Terrorists – The Anarchists Terrorists – The Anarchists Mikhail Bakunin Assassination of President McKinley Anarchists in Texas, 2008 State­Sponsored Terrorism State­Sponsored Terrorism •Enforcement terror – against own citizens •Sponsoring non­state actors to carry out acts of violence abroad •Used as instrument of war British Bombardment of British Bombardment of Copenhagen ­1807 Nationalist Terrorism Nationalist Terrorism • Nationalist Separatists – Objectives: ‘National liberation” – Tendency to ethnic, cultural, or religious overtones ...
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