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Waningsincetheendofthecoldwar senderoluminoso

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Unformatted text preview: Threatens the integrity of multinational states – Examples – IRA in Ireland, ETA (Basques) in Spain, LTTE (Tamils) in Sri Lanka Nationalist Terror – The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Nationalist Terror – The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) – Masters of Suicide Bombing Ideological Terrorism Ideological Terrorism • Inspired by revolutionary doctrines • Waning since the end of the Cold War Sendero Luminoso Sendero Luminoso (The Shining Path ) Religious Terrorism Religious Terrorism • Major source of terrorism today •Difficult to deter would­be martyrs •Opposition to globalization Aum Shinrikyo, Japan Aum Shinrikyo, Japan (Founder Asahara Shoko and Aftermath of 1995 Poison Gas Attack on Shinjuku station) Terrorism and WMD Terrorism and WMD • Serious source of concern but: • WMDs are difficult to acquire and use • Limited or banned by international treaties • Terrorists could destroy sympathy for their cause – The...
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