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4 Chapter 03 1648-1945 water

Defeatatwaterloo1815oldorder restored

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Unformatted text preview: ism (starts as leftist, becomes rightist) • Liberalism (political power of the middle class) Storming the Bastille, 1789 The Napoleonic Era The Napoleonic Era • Revolutionary turmoil ­ rise of Napoleon • By 1810, France dominates continent • Napoleonic social and political institutions • Defeat at Waterloo (1815), old order restored Congress of Vienna 1815 The Concert of Europe The Concert of Europe • Congress of Vienna – ‘Balance of power’ formalized • Concert of Europe – Based on the principle of collective security – Maintain the political status quo – Small states need not apply – Germany and Italy are merely “geographic expressions” German and Italian Unification German and Italian Unification • Italian Unification (1861) – Kingdom of Italy useful as ‘buffer’ state • German Unification (1859­71) – Step­by­step strategy • Defeats Denmark 1864, Austria 1866, and France 1871; each in six­week wars – Radically altered balance of power (Modern war methods introduced) Chancellor Otto von Bismarck Chancellor Otto von Bismarck The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution • Began in Britain late 18th century • Middle class empowered • Huge socio­economic impact: urbanization, ‘alienation’ • Changed European political­economic system ...
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