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Tradeistheengineofgrowth stagesofdevelopment

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Unformatted text preview: DP goes to aid • Much given for strategic reasons • Often ignores the root causes • Often tied to liberal ‘market’ approach – may not work – may be harmful for infant economies Liberal Modernization Theory Liberal Modernization Theory • One pattern of development for all • LDCs develop only by shedding their traditional institutions • Fundamental obstacle ­ traditional culture • “Trade is the engine of growth” Stages of Development Stages of Development Economy Hunter­ gatherer Society Rule Industrial Tribal Subsistence Market Agricultural Agri­ culture Craft produc­ tion Village Town Tribal Chief Feudal lord Monarch Democracy City (Note: these ideas can be found in Aristotle, ca 400BCE) Modernization Theory Modernization Theory • Social/cultural Impact – demographic transition to urbanization – urbanization essential – city becomes the focus of new ideas •science and technologies •social mobility Modernization in means moving Modernization in means moving from here … .. to here .. to here Critiques of Modernization Critiques of Modernization • Traditional institutions difficult to change • Theory is Euro­centric • Current IPE favors developed states Political Development Political Development • Focus on institutions • Lack of consensus: which system is developed? • How to measure democratization? – Elections for higher office – Rule of Law – Civil liberties (press, association, protection from state repression) Political Development Problems Political Development Problems • “Regime Change” violates s...
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