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Traditionalviewimmutableand ancient

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Unformatted text preview: overeignty • Relationship between Democracy and Economic development complex • Democracy can create severe problems in the transitional period Political Development and Culture Political Development and Culture • Almond and Verba ­ The Civic Culture (1963) – Individual behavior was socialized – Societies had more stable political cultures – Citizens in societies with a “Civic Culture” likely more democratic. Citizens exhibit: • Respect for the system • Engagement in the political process • Tolerance for a diversity of views Problem with Cultural Theories Problem with Cultural Theories • Where does culture come from? – Traditional View – immutable and ancient – Product of Social­Economic and Institutional Variables (epiphenomenal) • General Consensus – hard to change by outsiders; e.g. US in Afghanistan Economic­Social Development Economic­Social Development • Dependency theory – Systemic level of analysis – structure of IPE biased against LDCs – LDCs depend on exports of primary products – Commodity exporters vulnerable to price fluctuations Economic Development Economic Development • Dependency theory – Unequal terms of trade – power of the MNCs – Complaints against MNCs • MNCs avoid paying their share of taxes • Inappropriate technology transferred to the region • MNCs do not bring capital into LDCs • Control and manipulate the production of primary commodities • Create ‘economic colonialism’ Economic Development Economic Development • Critiques of dependency theory – It has been proven false in Southeast Asia – The plight of primary product exporters not always as bad as originally claimed – Russia, Norway – It ignores factors (called ‘inefficiencies’) within the developing countries Domestic­Economic Development Domestic­Ec...
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