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Unformatted text preview: use often outpaces the UN’s ability • Mixed success in post­Cold War – Problems • Lack of funding • ‘Mission creep’ • Post conflict reconstruction and peace building • Qualification of forces United Nations Score Sheet United Nations Score Sheet – P5 and veto power – National sovereignty – Political and economic sanctions – Successes • World forum for discussion of issues • Humanitarian relief • Facilitated collective security • Meeting place for diplomats – Adaptability – especially the UNSC Economic IGOs Economic IGOs ‘World Bank’ and IMF – The World Bank Group – Funding for development projects – Voting b y shares contributed – The International Monetary Fund – Liberalize international monetary system – Promote global trade and investment – SAPs The International Monetary The International Monetary Fund IMF Activities IMF Activities The World Bank The World Bank World Bank World Bank • Projects funded – Infrastructure – Preference for large­ scale projects • ‘structural adjustment’ Economic IGOs Economic IGOs World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) •Formerly GATT •Focus on reducing trade barriers •Mechanism for trade disputes •Anti ­ undemocratic , little LDC input •Pro ­ disputes decided against big states International Organizations International Organizations The European Union Principal Bodies of the Principal Bodies of the European Union • European Commission • European Parliament • Council of the European Union • European Council • European Court of Justice • European Central Bank Capitals: Capitals: Brussels and Strasbourg International Organizations International Organizations League of Arab States International Organizations International Organizations African Union International Organizations International Organizations Mercosur International Organizations International Organizations Nordic Council International Organizations International Organizations ASEAN Non­Governmental Organizations Non­Governmental Organizations (NGOs) – Operate across national boundaries – Independent of governments – Can be broadly or narrowly focused – Broad­based or restricted memberships – Do not perform functions of states NGOs – Score Sheet NGOs – Score Sheet ­ Derive power from a variety of sources • moral authority of cause • media • strength of individual activists – Agenda setting – Limitations • Many different NGOs focus on the same issues • Coordination of policies and action difficult Amnesty International – Logo and Amnesty International – Logo and Report – “name and shame” Green Peace – world wide Green Peace – world wide network of offices Over three million contributing members International Law and International International Law and International Organizations IGOs and NGOs not effective enough on their own – Outdated design – Shortage of resources – Limited by sovereignty International law reifies work of NGOs – Sets ethical standards – Increasing areas of applicability...
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