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19 Carl von Clausewitz

Coupdoeil nosystemormerelistofprinciplescanassure

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Unformatted text preview: t win, combat does. • Passions are aroused; war thus tends to extremes and irrationality. • The enemy tries to undo what you attempt, and this drives both to stronger action. War is more art than science War is more art than science • The commander(s) must be able to adjust as the situation changes. “Coup d’oeil” • No system or mere list of principles can assure success. • The successful commander blends the leaders’ rationality with the peoples’ passion. Clausewitzian Concepts Clausewitzian Concepts • Friction – physical effort – danger – uncertainty – chance • Culminating point of victory Clausewitzian Concepts Clausewitzian Concepts • Real war vs. Ideal war – Platonic distinction – Things never go as planned • Total war vs. unlimited war – Total war – overthrow...
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  • Corgan
  • Carl von Clausewitz, Antoine-Henri Jomini, Carl von ClausewitzCarl von Clausewitz, Clausewitzian Concepts

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