Entropy the entropy of a system s is ouen said to

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Unformatted text preview: occur at constant pressure •  Need to discuss energy transfer at constant pressure •  Enthalpy H – energy of the system at constant pressure –  H = E + PV –  for biochemical reac/ons, volume change is usually negligible –  in prac0ce, energy change ΔE ≈ enthalpy change ΔH. Entropy •  The entropy of a system, S, is oUen said to measure “disorder” or “randomness”. •  More correctly it describes the dispersal of energy. High Entropy disorder random uniform distribu/on high probability Low Entropy order order nonuniform distribu/on low probability S = kB ln W W = the number of energe/cally equivalent ways of arranging things in a system Entropy Low entropy: Nonuniform distribu/on Nonrandom Low probability Nondispersed energy L...
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