G g rt ln q gibbs energy change temperature gas

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Unformatted text preview: ilibrium constant Standard Free Energy Change ! "G = # RT ln K eq gas constant = 8.3145 Jmol–1K–1 example ReacQon [reactant] [product] equilibrium (equilibrium) (equilibrium) constant ΔGo 1 M 5 M –1.6RT 3 M 3 M 5 M 1 M 5 ln 5 = 1.6 Rela/onships among Keq, ΔG°, and the Direc/on of Chemical Reac/ons (Table 13 ­3) When Keq is … ΔG° is … Star5ng with all components at 1 M, the reacQon … > 1.0 nega/ve proceeds forward 1.0 zero is at equilibrium < 1.0 posi/ve proceeds in reverse Direc/on depends on Ini/al Concentra/on •  Standard free energy change (and equilibrium constant) only show the tendency of direc/on. •  Actual direc/on depends on the ini/al concentra/on. example B A mass acQon raQ...
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