Temperature magers higher temperature favors the

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Unformatted text preview: er) back to the surroundings [metabolism]. heat heat When does a reac/on occur spontaneously? example 1 – Ice mel/ng •  Water has higher entropy •  Ice melts spontaneously Swater > Sice Liquid ! water Ice When does a reac/on occur spontaneously? example 2 – Freezing process •  Ice has lower energy –  more hydrogen bonds •  Water freezes spontaneously below 0°C H water > H ice !Liquid water Ice When is a reac/on spontaneous? •  Spontaneous? The balance between enthalpy change and entropy change. •  Temperature magers –  Higher temperature favors the higher entropy state •  Gibbs free energy change, ΔG, is a convenient way to check if a reac/on is spontaneous. ∆G = ∆...
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