Biological process is phdependent arrangement of

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Unformatted text preview: ca1onal_resources/index.html Amino Acid Composi1on of Proteins •  highly variable, different for each protein •  but, on average: More: Leu, Ala, Glu, Ser Less: Trp, Cys, His, Met •  Average MW of one residue = 110 Charge of proteins/pep1des •  Pep1des and proteins have characteris1c charge at physiological pH (or at any given pH) in aqueous solu1on that can be es1mated based on their composi1on/sequence. •  Charge and pH affect func1on, structure and solubility and can also be used in purifica1on (later lecture) pH is controlled pH = " log[H + ] ! •  Biological process is...
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