For rotational angle 1800 the helical the problem of

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Unformatted text preview: DEamino acid equivalent CONFIGURATIONS OF the side chain R). An CHAIN residue (other than glycine) has no B. COREY, elements. BRANSON* operBy LINUS PAULING, ROBERT symmetry AND H. R. The general of CRELLIN LABORATORIES chain into ation of conversion ANDone residue of a singleOF CHEMISTRY,a second residue GATES equivalent to the first is accordingly a rotation aboutCALIFORNIAt CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PASADENA, an axis accompanied by translation along the axis. Hence the only configurations for a chain postulate of equivalence of compatible with our Communicated February 28, 1951 the residues are helical configurations. For rotational angle 1800 the helical the problem of the During the past fifteen years we have been attacking configurations may degenerate to a simple chain ways. of of principal atoms, complete structure of proteins in several with all Onethe these ways is the C, C' (the carbonyl carbon), N, and 0, in and accurate determination of the same plane. crystal structure of amino acids, pepWe assume simple substances resonance of the in order that infortides, and otherthat, because of therelated to proteins,double bond between mation about interatomic distances, bondpositions, the configuration of each the carbon-oxygen and carbon-nitrogen angles, and other configurational parameters might be obtained that would permit the reliable prediction of residue >N-C6 is used reasonable configurations for the polypeptide chain. We have nowplanar. this information to construct two reasonable hydrogen-bonded helical conThis structural likely has been figurations for the polypeptide chain; wte think that it is featurethat these verified for each of the amides that configurations constitute an important part of the structure of both f...
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