033 033 water makes hydrogen bonds with itself a

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Unformatted text preview: amp;5!C,1/$'?!E3#$%&!/)!$'%!A+,:%&(,$?!/)!7&,B/+#!)/&!.&/:,2,+;!$'%! D#(,0!4+/"3%2;%!#+2!,+(.,&#$,/+!$/!.&/2*0%!$',(!)#0$!('%%$5 2 00102134%%%5600605%78 ProperHes of Water as Solvent •  Unusual properHes (compared to other common solvents) •  High heat capacity. High boiling temperature. –  Stabilizes temperature •  Biochemical reactant –  Indispensable component of biological processes •  CriHcal role of hydraHon –  architecture, stability, and funcHonal dynamics of macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. –  protein folding, biomolecular recogniHon, self assembly of supramolecular structure such as ribosomes •  Understanding how essenHal water is in living processes –  Molecular structure –  Physical and chemical properHes –  InteracHon with biomolecules Molecular Structure of Water •  Covalent bond O ­H is strongly polar –  O is parHally negaHve, H is parHally posiHve •  Whole water molecule is also strongly polar –  because of bent geometry –  if water molecules were linear, (as O=C=O, carbon dioxide), the bond polariHes would balance each other and water would be nonpolar +0.33 +0.33 Water Makes Hydrogen Bonds With Itself A hydrogen bond is mostly an electrostaHc a7racHon between parHal posiHve and negaHve charges on the interacHng atoms Hydrogen bonds also have parHal covalent bond character, but are not covalent bonds. Hydrogen Bonds & ProperHes of Water •  Water molecules form hydrogen bonding network •  Special properHes of water –  high boiling, melHng temperature –  large heat of vaporizaHon –  high heat capacity Q: How many H ­bonds can a water molecule make simultaneously? Liquid water Ice Water as a solvent •...
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