Do they form hydrophobic interface with each other

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Unformatted text preview: her side hydrophilic (and face aqueous environment, outside) polar SC facing water nonpolar SC facing inside polar SC facing water amphipathic α ­helix nonpolar SC facing inside amphipathic β ­sheet (strand) Loca/ons of hydrophobic and hydrophilic side chains h^p:// Could the sequence Ile ­Lys ­Val ­Glu ­Phe ­Ser (IKVEFS) form an amphipathic β ­strand? •  Two sequences: -  LAQVEKE -  LYALRKK •  Can they form amphipathic α ­helices? •  Do they form hydrophobic interface with each other? •  helical wheels: projec/ons down helix axes •  Interac/ons between R groups 3 ­4 residues apart (same side of helix) polar side polar side nonpolar interface 2....
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