Hbonds all potenal donors and acceptors will form

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Unformatted text preview: cture However, buried but unsatisfied H-bonding groups are very destabilizing. In this case the unfolded state has an H-bond where the folded state lacks one. Therefore the thermodyamic d However, if protein folds • riving force would oppose folding. into the wrong structure, •  Number satisfy backbone H-bonding groups An efficient way to of sa/sfied H ­bonds is less is to form secondary structure. •  Wrongly folded structure has higher enthalpy, H. H H ­bonds ( are important for specificity of structure- they • ydrogen bondsand ionic interac/ons) do not drive folding serve to organize the structure but do not provide the energy •o hold it together. the correct structure vs. wrong structure t   They specify unfold N -H O=C Why do H ­bonding and ionic inter...
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