Learn to use helical wheel diagrams describe the

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Unformatted text preview: ences that could form amphipathic secondary structures: αhelices and β-sheets. Learn to use helical wheel diagrams. •  Describe the general structure of a protein, including where in the structure you would expect to find hydrophobic groups and where you would expect to find polar/charged groups. •  Describe thermodynamic contributions that oppose or favor protein folding Levels of protein structure 3 ­dimensional conforma/on of a whole polypep)de chain in its folded state (includes not only posi/ons of backbone atoms, but of all the sidechain atoms as well) Globular protein structures generally are /ghtly packed, compact units Some principles guiding the folding of water ­soluble, globular proteins 1.  Minimiza/on of solvent ­accessible su...
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