Thermodynamics of protein folding folding renaturaon

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Unformatted text preview: st sa/sfy each other. The need to form hydrogen bonds can be sa/sfied by secondary structure forma/on. 3.  Chiral effect –  Backbones of L ­amino acids tend to twist in a right ­handed direc/on. Both α ­ helices and β ­sheets twist to the right, affec/ng the connec/ons between secondary structure elements. Thermodynamics of Protein Folding Folding (Renatura/on) Unfolding (Denatura/on) Unfolded protein (denatured, inac/ve) Folded protein (na/ve, ac/ve) •  Unfolded protein samples many possible conforma/ons •  Folded protein samples a much smaller set conforma/ons that are very similar to e...
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