This tends to collapse the polypepde chain into a

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Unformatted text preview: rface area (esp. nonpolar) –  The polypep/de chain takes the conforma/on that buries the maximum amount of hydrophobic surface area in the protein interior. This tends to collapse the polypep/de chain into a small volume. –  Burial of hydrophobic R groups away from water requires at least 2 interac/ng secondary structural elements, e.g., 2 α helices, or a β ­α ­β loop (uses α helix to connect 2 parallel β strands), or 2 β sheets, etc. 2.  Maximiza/on of hydrogen bonding within the protein –  Hydrogen bond donors and acceptors must be hydrogen ­bonded. On the protein exterior water is available but in the interior they mu...
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