Hba p50 35 kpa hb kansas p50 93 kpa low o2 affinity

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Unformatted text preview: a ligand for the Fe. Hb Milwaukee [βV67E] • Val  ­ ­> Glu muta.on (Val 67 is near distal His) • Reversible O2 binding requires heme Fe in ferrous (Fe2+) oxid state. • HbA: hydrophobics near distal His help prevent Fe oxida.on. •Hb Milwaukee: Glu in place of Val forms new coordina.on bond to heme Fe. •Glu stabilizes Fe3+ state. •Hb with iron oxidized to Fe3+ (metHb) binds H O, but not O . 2 2 •Red blood cells have enzymes (methemoglobin reductases) that can re ­reduce Fe in the occasional normal HbA molecule whose Fe gets oxidized. 5. muta:ons that chan...
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