Es between hba and hbf under physiological condions

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Unformatted text preview: aternary structure (subunit composi.on) and in protein primary structure between HbA and HbF; b)  effect of protein structural difference on 2,3 ­BPG binding affinity; c)  resultant difference in O2 binding between HbA and HbF under physiological condi.ons, i.e. at the 2,3 ­BPG concentra.on in erythrocytes in the placenta. Describe the molecular defect in sickle cell anemia and how/why deoxyHbS molecules aggregate. Predict the effect of a hemoglobin muta.on on the O2 binding of the mutant protein, given informa.on about nature/loca.on of the muta.on (amino acid subs.tu.on). See examples in lecture notes and in Ch.5 problem #7 in textbook. Delivery of O2 from maternal Hb to fetal Hb •  In vivo, O2 must diffuse across the placenta from maternal red cells (in maternal circula.on) to fetal red cells (in fetal circula.on). •  Maternal Hb (HbA) dissociates O2 and fetal Hb (HbF) binds O2. Struc...
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