L is determined by the chiral c furthest from the

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Unformatted text preview: chain of C atoms •  Aldehyde or Ketone derivaCves –  aldehyde Aldose –  ketone Ketose •  1 C is in carbonyl (=O) •  other Cs have hydroxyl (–OH) •  Classified based on: –  Number of Carbons –  LocaCon of C=O – Stereochemistry •  H2O soluble Aldose Fischer projecCon aldehyde Ketose Fischer projecCon ketone •  The most common ketoses are with ketone group at C2 •  Number of stereoisomers = 2n, where n = # of chiral carbons •  D vs. L is determined by the chiral C furthest from the carbonyl C •  Naturally occurring monosaccharides are D ­isomers – oben D is omieed Stereochemistry •  SpaCal arrangement of atoms •  Stereoisomers have: –  The same order and types of bonds –  Different spaCal arrangements of atoms –  Different properCes •  Defined based on chiral carbon atoms –  Chiral carbons have 4 different subsCtuents •  Number of stereoisomers = 2n, where n= # of chiral carbons...
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