Tgcgca3 3acgcgt5 are these sequences dna

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Unformatted text preview: eractions. There is also a negative ΔS associated with the hydrophobic effect, since disruption of the base-stacking exposes hydrophobic surfaces. As temperature increases the conformational entropy term dominates (ΔG -) and the double helix random coil transition is favored. Thus, high temperature denatures DNA. Unusual structures in DNA (sequence ­dependent) 1) Bends •  4 or more A residues sequenMally on one strand •  AAAAAA sequence (6 A's)  ­ ­> 18° bend •  bends important in some proteins' binding to DNA 2) Palindromes (= inverted repeat sequences) •  e.g., ROTATOR or • ...
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