EE450 Socket Programming Project Fall 2013

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Unformatted text preview: _____ and IP address _____ When the file request is sent to the Phase 3: The File request from Client2 has been sent to the File Server <file_server_name> When the file is received by Client2 Phase 3: File received from < file_server_name >. End of Phase3 Phase 3: End of Phase3 for Client2. NOTE: <file_server_name> : file server returned back to the client by Directory server. Can be either “File_Server1” , “File_Server2” or “File_Server3”. <file_server_tcp_port_number> :TCP port number of the file server returned by the Directory Server. Flow Diagrams: Client: Set a UDP onnection Setup TCP cconnection to file server to Directory server File Server: Setup UDP connection with Directory server Send message “Client Send message “Client # doc #”to # Document #” Directory server Register with the Directory server by sending “File_server# TCP_port_number” Receive “File_server# TCP_port_number” from Directory server Open TCP connection and start Listening on static TCP port Setup a TCP connection with the File server using the TCP port n umber obtained from t Directory server. he Accept TCP connection from the Client. Request for the resource from File server. Receive the File from the file server Respond back to the clients request for resource b y sending the file to Client END END Directory: Set UDP connections with File Servers Get the static TCP port numbers from File Servers and store it in directory.txt Set UDP connections with the two c...
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