EE450 Socket Programming Project Fall 2013

In other words the bonus points will only improve

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Unformatted text preview: the TA should do to run your programs. (Any specific order of events should be mentioned.) f. The format of all the messages exchanged. g. Any idiosyncrasy of your project. It should say under what conditions the project fails, if any. h. Reused Code: Did you use code from anywhere for your project? If not, say so. If so, say what functions and where they're from. (Also identify this with a comment in the source code.) Submissions WITHOUT README files WILL NOT BE GRADED. 2. Compress all your files including the README file into a single “tar ball” and call it: ee450_yourUSCusername_session#.tar.gz (all small letters) e.g. my file name would be ee450_hkadu_session1.tar.gz. Please make sure that your name matches the one in the class list. Here are the instructions: a. On, go to the directory which has all your project files. Remove all executable and other unnecessary files. Only include the required source code files and the README file. Now run the following commands: b. [email protected]>> tar cvf ee450_yourUSCusername_session#.tar * - Now, you will find a file named “ee450_yourUSCusername_session#.tar” in the same directory. c. [email protected]>> gzip ee450_yourUSCusername_session#.tar – Now, you will find a file named “ee450_yourUSCusername_session#.tar.gz” in the same directory. d. Transfer this file from your directory on to your local machine. You need to use an FTP program such as CoreFtp to do so. (The FTP programs are available at and you can download and install them on your windows machine.) 3. Upload “ee450_yourUSCusername_session#.tar.gz” to the Digital Dropbox (available under Tools) on the DEN website. After the file is uploaded to the dropbox, you must click on the “send” button to actually submit it. If you do not click on “send”, the file will not be submitted. 4. Right after submitting the project, send a one- line email to your designated TA (NOT all...
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