EE450 Socket Programming Project Fall 2013

EE450 Socket Programming Project Fall 2013

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Unformatted text preview: and only nunki. It is a SunOS machine at USC. You should all have access to nunki, if you are a USC student. 2. You are not allowed to run and test your code on any other USC Sun machines. This is a policy strictly enforced by ITS and we must abide by that. 3. No MS- Windows programs will be accepted. 4. You can easily connect to nunki if you are using an on- campus network (all the user room computers have xwin already installed and even some ssh connections already configured). 5. If you are using your own computer at home or at the office, you must download, install and run xwin on your machine to be able to connect to and here’s how: a. Open in your web browser. b. Log in using your username and password (the one you use to check your USC email). c. Select your operating system (e.g. click on windows XP) and download the latest xwin. d. Install it on your computer. e. Then check the following webpage: for more information as to how to connect to USC machines. 6. Please also check this website for all the info regarding “getting started” or “getting connected to USC machines in various ways” if you are new to USC: Programming languages and compilers: You must use only C/C++ on UNIX as well as UNIX Socket programming commands and functions. Here are the pointers for Beej's Guide to C Programming and Network Programming (socket programming): (If you are new to socket programming...
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