EE450 Socket Programming Project Fall 2013

You are given a sample topologytxt and resourcetxt

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Unformatted text preview: er3 with a cost of 27. 2. Resources.txt: The other input file contains information about the resources stored in each file_server. There are a total of 2 resources called doc1 and doc 2. For instance the contents of resource.txt may be the following: File_server1 2 doc1 doc2 File_server2 1 doc2 File_server3 2 doc1 doc2 In other words on each line, you can find name of the file_server followed by its number of resources, and their names. You are given a sample topology.txt and resource.txt file to test your code, however when your project is graded, the TA may use different input files (i.e. different costs, different resource numbers and different distribution of resources among the file_servers) to test your project. However the format of the files and the names and the total number of resources would be the same. Code Files 1. Directory Server - You must use one of these names for this piece of code: directory_server.c or or directory_server.cpp (all small letters). Also you must call the corresponding header file (if any) directory_server.h (all small letters). You must follow this naming convention. This piece of code basically represents the Directory Server in the Project. 2. File Server - The name of this piece of code must be file_server.c or or file_server.cpp (all small letters) and the header file (if any) must be called file_server.h (all small letters). You must follow this naming convention. In case you are not using fork(), you must create 3 instances of this code namely, file_server1.c, file_server2.c and file_server3.c or, and or file_server1...
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