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EE450 Socket Programming Project Fall 2013

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Unformatted text preview: mically as shown below: //Retrieve the locally- bound name of the specified socket and store it in the sockaddr structure getsock_check=getsockname(TCP_Connect_Sock,(struct sockaddr *)&my_addr, (socklen_t *)&addrlen) ; //Error checking if (getsock_check== - 1) { perror("getsockname"); exit(1); } 2. Use gethostbyname() to obtain the IP address of nunki.usc.edu or the local host however the host name must be hardcoded as nunki.usc.edu or localhost in all pieces of code. 3. You can either terminate all processes after completion of phase3 or assume that the user will terminate them at the end by pressing ctrl- C. 4. All the naming conventions and the on- screen messages must conform to the previously mentioned rules. 5. You are not allowed to pass any parameter or value or string or character as a command- line argument. No user interaction must be required (except for when the user runs the code obviously). Everything is either hardcoded or dynamically generated as described before. 6. All the on- screen messages must conform exactly to the project description. You should not add anymore on- screen messages. If you need to do so for the debugging purposes, you must comment out all of the extra messages before you submit your project. 7. Using fork() or similar system calls are not mandatory if you do not feel comfortable using them to create concurrent processes. 8. Please do remember to close the socket and tear down the connection once you are done using that socket. Programming platform and environment: 1. All your codes must run on nunki (nunki....
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