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constraints fail

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Unformatted text preview: USA Market, Large Corporate Users]: 0.2 hours <- Marketing Requirement, February 3 This Year. ===================== Constraints ==================== Fail [Next New Product Release, Large Corporate Users]: 0.5 hours or worse on average <- Marketing Requirement, February 3 This Year. Survival [Next New Product Release, All Markets]: 1.0 hours <- TG Example 1: In ‘Planguage’ we strongly encourage collection and specification of benchmark levels of performance, so that the engineer is conscious of these facts, in relation to requirement levels (Targets, Constraints) – and is not too low or too high. Source [Gilb, 2005, pages 114-115] 5. Know the role of your metric, or it can roll over on your project. A metric lives in a system environment Spaces Geographical, Market Segment, Task Type, ….. Time Deadlines Intervals (‘office hours’, ‘weekends’) Obsolete times, irrelevant times, ….. Concurrent events and conditions Contracts signed, laws in force, achievements succeeded, ….. We need to carefully define that environment - the metric ‘role’ in the ‘play In Planguage we have a large number of devices that encourage enginee...
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