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1 develop requirements metrics top down from critical

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Unformatted text preview: places. We would prefer, it seems, to let our projects fail, than to get disciplined enough to avoid failure. We get paid anyway – failure or not! Detailed Success Principles Here is another set of principles, less warning of bad practices, and more proscriptive of good practices. 1. Develop requirements metrics top down from critical management objectives. The most critical requirements in any project, are The critical few improvements that the project sponsors are hoping for They are ‘always’ quantifiable! All other ‘requirements’ are in reality supporting requirements for the top ones. At the ‘top systems level’ there are some ‘stakeholder values’ - like save time, sell more. These top level stakeholder values can always be expressed quantifiably, for clarity and mutual agreement of common objectives. Software products can have performance/quality requirements to directly support delivery of these top level stakeholder values Example of software product quality requirement, to support a top level requirement like ‘save user time and cost’: Increase Usability (defined by some Scale, like ‘Scale: Learning time for defined Tasks by defined Employee with defined Experience...
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