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4 use metrics to describe metrics for credibility and

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Unformatted text preview: eric feedback. 4. Use metrics to describe metrics, for credibility, and uncertainty 5. Use metrics to describe solutions, designs, and architecture. 6. Use multiple metrics to compare alternatives. 7. Measure critical variables, but with sufficient qualities and lowest costs. 8. Use metrics to review specifications. 9. Use metrics to prioritize, and determine priorities. 10. Use metrics to create commonly understood, and really agreed requirement or objectives. Detailed Warning Principles 1. If you measure what is easy rather than right, you’ll lose the fight. The drunk knew he’d lost his watch down the street in a dark corner, But it was tempting to look for it under the lamp post Determine what is most critical to control, and then find a way to quantify it - there is always a useful way then find ways to measure that quantity There are always useful ways If you can’t imagine the ways to quantify or measure something, the internet can. Figure 1: an example of looking for metrics for ‘soft...
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