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9 which higher level objectives would the achievement

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Unformatted text preview: ? 7. What are the constraints (worst acceptable levels) on these goals (Fail level, Survival Level, see Example 1), assuming these numbers are target(Goal, Stretch) levels (not constraints – who knows?). 8. Do these levels apply to any particular subset of the application, and particular use situation, scale of usage, key customers, or do they really apply to ‘everyone’, ‘always’? 9. Which higher-level objectives would the achievement of these numbers support? 10. is there any lower levels of performance that might be useful improvements in key areas of application, with key projects and customers, in the shorter term, before these levels can be achieved. (Keep in mind nothing, in this real project, was achieved at all for the next 8 years!!). I could easily add 50 more questions of the nature. But you get the idea. You can imagine that the answer to these questions is important to know, in order to make design and project planning decisions, and in order to prioritize these in relation to...
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