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But here is the problem see if you can answer any of

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Unformatted text preview: mpt to quantify, as were all other top level requirements, totally un-quantified. Unintelligible – ‘sales’ talk maybe, but not engineering talk. “Mean time between forced restarts > 14 days” “Restore system state < 10 minutes These two had at least a number attached to them. And that gives us some idea of the order of magnitude we are in need of. But, here is the problem, see if you can answer any of these questions. 1. is this level related to any contractual service levels with any customers, or will they be? 2. how much better or worse are these levels than current experience? ‘Past’ levels 3. are these levels just wishful thinking (Wish levels) or have any remotely similar systems ever achieved these levels? (Record Level =?) 4. Do these levels have to be achieved by any particular deadline? ‘Goal [Release 10.0] 14 days.’ 5. What is the payoff from reaching these goals for us and other stakeholders in the long term? 6. Are these goals to be achieved irrespective of costs? Is $500 million acceptable...
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