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For example repair ambition improve the speed of

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Unformatted text preview: the numeric requirements can be seen in the light of these relationships. For example: Repair: Ambition: Improve the speed of repair of faults substantially, under given conditions. Scale: Hours to repair or replace, from fault occurrence to when customer can use faultlessly, where they intended. Meter [Product Acceptance]: A formal Field Test with at least 20 representative cases, [Field Audit]: Unannounced Field Test at random. ===================== B enchmarks ==================== Past [Product Phone XYZ, Home Market, Qualified Dealer Shop]: {0.1 hours at Qualified Dealer Shop 0.9 hours for the Customer to transit to/from Qualified Dealer Shop}. Record [Competitor Product XX]: 0.5 hours average. !!Because they drive a spare to the customer office."" Trend [USA Market, Large Corporate Users]: 0.3 hours. !!As on-site spares for large customers."" ======================= Targets ====================== Goal [Next New Product Release, Urban Areas, Personal Users]: 0.8 hours in total, [Next New Product Release,...
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