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I wonder how often the obviously useful engineering

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Unformatted text preview: whatsoever in QFD evaluations. I agree with one professor, who pleased that, ‘surely you would agree it is better than nothing?’ But it is not good enough for the serious problems we all have at hand today. I believe we have more rigorous metrics approaches (like Impact Estimation), even though not as well known as QFD, AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process), Ralph Keeney’s Methods [Keeney] and many other well-meaning attempts to analyze multiple properties of alternative designs. I wonder how often the obviously-useful engineering tactic, of numeric multi-dimensional evaluation of a design, or set of designs, against a set of numeric requirements and constraints, is really used, when it should be, even in non-software forms of engineering. I can personally attest to seeing it missing from most of my work in telecommunications, software, and aircraft product development. 6. Use multiple metrics to compare alternatives. One way to compare any set of alternatives is to compare their quality and cost attributes, in relation to your needs (requirements). This is really a special appli...
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