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I would assert that this is a superior way of

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Unformatted text preview: degree of deviation from expectation. This gets real results for stakeholders – rapidly. That builds trust, confident, interest. This makes sure your entire development process works – if you find that the root cause of failure to deliver as expected, and within the time-boxed cycle, is your own development process, then you can experiment immediately with process improvements, keep them in if they work better. I would assert that this is a superior way of improving development processes compared to the heavy-handed CMMI approaches. We know from client experience that the troops on the ground prefer this approach, because of the empowerment they get. This evolutionary development process makes it impossible to fail big - just stop, if you are failing in the small increments [Larman, Morris]. The metrics will remind you that you do not know what you are doing! Of course you will probably find that out later, but with ‘continuous realistic progress towards critical objectives metrics feedback’ you get the message sooner, and might be able to hide your incompetence from your employer or cus...
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